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Pure Stock Rules

Pure Stock Rules

Home Town Track Rules Allowed


 1. CARS: Minimum wheelbase of 108 inches (1” tolerance) with MANDATORY sub-frames tied together.

 1.1 Steering column MUST be collapsible in stock location. QUICK RELEASE are allowed.

 1.2 Mechanical linkage throttles ALLOWED.

 1.3 BODIES: MUST be mounted factory and bolted in factory holes in the frame. Factory inner sheet metal braces that support the body sheet metal MUST remain in stock location and can NOT be altered. This includes the roof, trunk lid, and rear fenders. ONLY the front fenders, hood, front passenger and driver side doors can be gutted to fit the cage. NO side window enclosures allowed. Hoods and trunk lids MUST have minimum of (2) pins to secure them down. Gutting of the trunk floor IS allowed but MUST NOT exceed past inside of the frame rails.

 1.4 Front & Rear Enclosures: If the car does NOT come with an outer factory bumper, it MUST be replaced with an inner and outer factory steel chrome style OEM bumper. NO GUTTING! Stock front noses can be replaced with steel metal, aluminum or plastic but MUST mount behind the TOP of the bumper. The same is for the rear tail sections.

 1.5 Radiator: Any radiator allowed in STOCK location for that car: The factory location will be determined by the mounting holes located on the frame for the radiator. Replacing of the factory mounting brackets system will be accepted if in stock location.

 2. TIRES / RIMS: Stock passenger tires ONLY (radial tires only). Largest tire size allowed will be P235/75/15. Tread measurement max 7.5 inches from sidewall to sidewall. NO mud, snow, or exotic tires allowed. NO softening or conditioning allowed. Sipping, defacing and grooving are allowed. USED Hoosier and American Racer Tires WILL BE allowed as long as they do NOT exceed .200th of an inch tread depth.

 2.1 TIRE PRESSURE: Minimum front and rear tire pressure for the RIGHT side shall be 20 lbs. Prior to race heat and feature event.

 2.2 Steel rims ONLY: 8 inch maximum. (Oversized wheel studs and nuts recommended; max. 5/8 inch studs.

 3. BRAKES: 4 wheel working stock O.E.M. brakes is mandatory and they will be checked at the track. NO proportion or brake shut off valves allowed!

 3.1 DIFFERENTIALS: Stock passenger rear-ends only. GM with GM, Ford with Ford, etc. No moving mounts to fit. Differentials may be locked or welded, O.E.M. for that make of car. Any gear ratio. No traction control devices. NO posi's, NO after market traction devices … PERIOD !!

 4. ENGINES: 4, 6 or 8 cyl., small or big block. Naturally aspirated O.E.M. stock carburetor. Choke may be removed; no other work allowed. No Holley (4412), 500 CFM or 600 CFM carbs. 302, 305 and 307cubic inch motors will be allowed to run a Factory OEM 4 barrel carb that came on that OEM engine. Entire engine must remain O.E.M. stock.

Small block Chevy 327,350, or 400 must use a cylinder head with a minimum of 72cc, 1 cc tolerance with one factory O.E.M. 2-bbl carb only. Entire engine MUST remain OEM stock. Max size intake valve 1.94 and max size 1.5 exhaust valve. Max. overbore .060. Flat top piston cannot go past top of block Max. 9.5 to 1 compression. NO MODIFICATIONS TO ENHANCE HORSEPOWER. ONLY a GM motor allowed in a GM car, Ford in a Ford, Mopar in Mopar etc. No magnum or wedge heads on Chrysler, No Vortex heads or performance chev heads. No Boss, GTP or GT heads on Ford! NO racing or high performance parts allowed unless specified. Carburetor adaptor allowed. Max height of spacer with gaskets 1-1/4 inch. Maximum cam lift; intake/exhaust is .450 inches including stock rocker ratio. Hydraulic flat tappet cams ONLY. NO roller rockers/lifters. NO aluminum intakes, heads or blocks. Cast iron exhaust manifolds ONLY. NO center dumps or factory tuned manifolds. Vortec exhaust manifolds allowed. Stock type ignition system for that make of car ONLY. Air conditioning, alternator, pollution devices and heater may be removed. NO engine setback allowed. Engine MUST remain in stock OEM location.

 4.1 NO POLY locks on rocker studs!

 4.2 NO hex head or screw in rocker studs! (May be pinned)

 4.3 NO guide plates on rocker studs!

 4.4 Transmission: Automatic transmission ONLY. NO Power glides. A transmission cooler may be used and MUST be located within the engine compartment. Stock OEM torque converters ONLY. 11 inch MINIMUM with NO lock ups.

 4.5 Engine & Transmission MOUNTS: MUST have factory OEM rubber motor and transmission mounts.

 4.6 See Section 4 Engine/Transmission protest rule.

 5. CRASH BARS: No front or rear crash bars. All bars must remain within the perimeter of the frame (except door bars). Bars allowed in front of the radiator must be flush. 1-inch tolerance. Bars in front of the radiator must NOT extend out past the front of the car frame bumper mounting area. Bars are allowed to run horizontal in front of the radiator as long as they are hidden and NOT angled back causing a wedge nose effect. NO WEDGE noses. NO push bumpers! NO front or rear bars past the end of the frame. NO rub rails NO excessive bars.

 5.1 BUMPERS: Front and rear stock bumper mounts may be replaced with a 4-inch or 6-inch .125-square tubing mounted at a right angle to the frame. Max. length 6-inches; bolted or welded. Stock bumpers only. No sharp edges. If the car does NOT come with an outer factory bumper, it MUST be replaced with an inner and outer factory steel chrome style OEM bumper. NO gutting!

 6. ALL GLASS, CHROME TRIM AND ANY EMBLEMS: Must be removed from the car BEFORE arrival at the track. Anyone found removing parts from their car at the track will be disqualified. No broken glass in doors.

 7. WINDSHIELDS: Windshields must be removed and a heavy gauge screen is to be mounted in front of the driver in the windshield opening. (Or 4 bars 1/4” in front of driver) No mirrors allowed.


 8.1 Steel tubing for roll cage must be at least .095 inch wall and 1.66 minimum outside diameter. No pipefittings or galvanized tubing allowed. Must have a 3/16th inspection hole in a non-critical area.

 8.2 Roll cage must conform to body interior.

 8.3 Driver’s head cannot extend past top of roll cage.

 8.4 Roll cage minimum required. (6) point frame mounted roll cage is mandatory and must have one main rollover continuous hoop to extend from the frame up to the roof, across and back down to the opposite side frame. Two bars from the top of the main hoop, going forward, bent (approx. 30 degrees) at the top of front window and (approx. 60 degrees) at the bottom of the window, continuing to front frame (both sides). All other cross bars to be gusseted and butt welded (see diagram).

 8.5 Minimum of (3) three Torso or Kidney bars made of the same material standards as above must be welded horizontally and equally spaced between window opening and lower door jam. These bars must be welded to the roll cage with 1/4 inch gussets along the inside of the driver’s door. Roof bar and front corner post required. See diagram .

 8.6 All bars must tie into frame with gussets. Full size uni-body cars must use a minimum 12-inch square floor plate bolted or welded to floor (for rollcage). Mid-sized uni-body cars must use sub-frame connectors; minimum .125 square tubing. Full frame cars may replace rear frame rail from center of diff back with .125 square tubing; in stock location. Any other frame repair must use .125 wall metal. All doors must be bolted or welded shut. All cars equipped with a sunroof must cover sunroof opening with a 1/8- inch steel plate.

 9. BATTERY: Must be mounted in the TRUNK area, and centered above the left side frame rail over the rear differential, using a marine battery case or metal tray (available in race catalogs).

 10. FUEL SYSTEMS: Pump gasoline only; no racing fuel; max. F 10% ethanol enriched. No nitro, alcohol or additives allowed. One safety approved boat tank or maximum 12 U.S. gallon fuel cell allowed.(plastic or metal). If plastic tank is used, it must be enclosed in a metal box. Fuel tank mounted as close to the rear fire wall as possible, and mounted permanently between the frame rails. Mechanical fuel pumps only, no electric fuel pumps allowed. NO bolt togethers, No excessive fuel line or size. NO FILLER SPOUTS ON FUEL TANKS.

 11. SHOCKS: Only one stock steel shock per wheel, mounted in stock location. NO coil over or adjustable shocks allowed.

 12. SUSPENSION: Must remain O.E.M. stock. Any spring rate allowed. (No spring rate adjustors)..

 13. WEIGHT RULE: Min. 3200 lbs. with driver after the race. (No allowance for missing body parts). .All cars that can not meet the 3200 lb. Rule, may add weight. Weight must be bolted (lead is recommended) with minimum of two 1/2" diameter bolts. . Weight must be painted white and have car number on it.



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