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Lightning Sprint Rules

                OFFICIAL 2013 NULSA RULE BOOK

What is a Lightning Sprint:

A Lightning Sprint is a 1000cc World of Outlaw appearing Sprint Car built on a Midget chassis, using the 1000cc motorcycle engine, self-starting, with chain drive or 600cc 2 stroke engines. A 2 stroke weighing a minimum of 800 lbs and 1000cc motorcycle engine cars weighing 950 with driver after every race. 1000cc engines produce between 150 and 195 horsepower, 2 stroke 600cc engines produce between 120 and 150 horsepower, providing an excellent power to weight ratio!


Track specific rules will apply first. Club rules apply when track rules do not exist.

The car owner and driver are required to have a "2013 NULSA Northern US Lightning Sprint Association Rule Book" and comply with the rules and regulations set forth therein.

Rookies: Novice or rookie driver is defined herein as a driver who has never raced with the NULSA, Rookies can request from the NULSA to have their status upgraded at any time by requesting to the Executive of the NULSA.

Members: It shall be the duty of every participant to conduct him or herself while representing the Association in a manner that shall not be prejudicial to the Association, nor bring unnecessary criticism on the organization. Any proven false statements on any document issued to, or concerning the NULSA by any member, shall draw penalties as deemed proper. Any NULSA member racer who would falsify their age or modify their engine with the intent to compete illegally with the intent to defraud officials and other competitors by such modifications, un-sportsmanship like conduct, or flagrant violation of the rule to gain an unfair advantage could be subject to penalties as decided by the Executive. Any driver/owner/crew member/guest that confronts an Executive Member or any of the club officials will be subject to an additional 50 point penalty in addition to penalty for tech inspection

Alcohol: Any driver who has consumed any alcoholic beverage or illegal drug on the day of any NULSA event will not be allowed to compete. Any participant or crewmember observed consuming alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs during the practice or running of any event at an NULSA sanctioned event will result in immediate suspension of that driver for the remainder of the racing season.

Visitors: A visitor is a person that does not intend to race more than two (2) events per season.

Eligibility: Visitors may run by passing the general Technical Inspection. A visiting car owner or driver is required to have a copy of the "NULSA Rule Book" and comply with the rules and regulations set forth.


Visitors must pass tech inspection to receive a payout.


• Sprint Car appearance required, especially the hood and tail.

• Chassis must be up-right design with driver’s feet behind the engine.

• Body may be constructed of aluminum, fiberglass, or high impact plastic. No lips or sail panels will be permitted.

• Minimum car weight with driver is 950 pounds at all times. Ballast weights must be painted white and be securely bolted to the frame.

• Absolutely NO Titanium or Carbon Fiber may be used anywhere on the car unless it comes standard (factory original OEM) in the engine.

• All cars must be self-starting and use factory-original starter and clutch systems. Any car requiring a push start due to mechanical failure will be required to start at the rear of the field. Car must be repaired to self-starting condition by the next race day. Absolutely no fuel additives allowed. Must run premium 91 octane pump gas. Fuel to be tested as per “2013 NULSA Fuel Testing Procedures”


• It is recommended that the roll cage be a minimum of 1-1/4” OD x .095 or 1-3/8” OD x .083 wall 4130 Condition N tubing.

• It is recommended that the driver have minimum 3” head clearance to top of frame.

• Wheelbase: Minimum 60” and Maximum 73”.

• Engine maximum offset 6” from centerline of chassis.


• Japanese inline 4 cylinder, 4-cycle motorcycle production engines only. Limited to one engine only. Maximum 1000 c.c. displacement only. No overbore permitted.

• New model engines must be available on the market for 4 years before being legal to run.

• All engines must remain absolutely factory stock (OEM). The definition of factory stock is: the way the factory installed the engine into the original motorcycle to be sold and used on public roads and highways within the USA and Canada. No porting, polishing, blueprinting, or any other machine work of any type is permitted. No centrifugal clutches. Must use original, unmodified five or six-speed transmission and clutch. Exceptions to these OEM engine rules include the use of an aftermarket air box/filter, header, and fuel injection controllers such as those produced by Power Commander and Bazzaz Performance. No traction control devices of any type permitted.

• No factory or aftermarket race engine components may be used. All internal and external parts must remain OEM as sold to the general public.

• You are permitted to perform routine maintenance to your engines. All specifications must be within manufactures specifications as per factory-issued shop manual.

• Factory stock ECU (CDI Box) must be used with the factory set rev - limiter in place at the factory set RPM.

• Engine monitoring is limited to tachometer, oil pressure, water temperature, and fuel pressure. Absolutely no on-board computers, diagnostic, or data logging systems will be permitted.


Carburetor boring is allowed to a maximum size of 40.5mm at spigot end of carb (engine side). Carb must fit stock 38mm. boot. No oval boring allowed. No fuel injection permitted on snowmobile engines. No auxiliary injection systems permitted. Nitrous oxide, air, water, etc. No turbo or supercharger systems permitted. Gasoline, gasohol, aviation gas, race gas, octane boosters and alcohol (methanol ethanol) are allowed. Nitrous oxide, nitro methane, and oxygen bearing fuel additives are prohibited.

Any production 2 cylinder air or liquid cooled case or cylinder reed engines with maximum of 2 cylinders/600cc. No overbore is allowed for damaged cylinders. Original engine displacement of 600cc.

All cars must have exhaust silencers at the start of every race. The internal tube must be perforated or baffled and be a minimum of 6” long. Silencers should direct noise down and towards the rear of the car!

All 2 stroke cars must weigh a minimum of 800lbs with driver in car! If a 2 stroke car wins consecutive races, the minimum weight of the cars will be reevaluated and weight will be added accordingly.

Only reciprocating piston engines are allowed. No fuel injection, turbo charging, super charging, or rotary engines allowed. Engines will only be legal if at least 300 engines of identical design and assembly have been manufactured and made available for sale. No prototype or experimental engines allowed.


• Chain drive is mandatory, using one continuous chain. Minimum 530 chain size. • Chain must be properly guarded. Chain guard must be minimum .090 aluminum.


• Torsion and/or Coil Over suspension is permitted.

• No independent or mechanical linkage on any suspension will be permitted.

• No sway or anti-roll bars will be permitted.

• No double adjustable shocks will be permitted.


• 13” diameter wheels with right rear bead lock required.

• Maximum 12” wide right rear wheel, and 10” wide left rear wheel.

• 82” Hoosier SP3 or harder on Right Rear only. On Left Front, Right Front and Left RearD12 (or harder, if and when available) only. A visiting driver(s) may participate in one (1) NULSA race day event using only the 82” Hoosier SP3 Right Rear. On all other subsequent visits, the same visiting driver(s) must use NULSA-mandated tires on all four corners.

• No softening compounds/chemicals of any type are permitted whatsoever.

• Tires too be tested as per “2013 NULSA Tire Testing Procedures”

All 80” tires remaining may be used until wore out. After old 80” rr tires are used up by any given driver, driver MUST purchase an 82” sp3 tire.


• Top wing mandatory, 16 sq. ft. maximum. Must be single air foil design and 48” square. Maximum 2” dip in top of air foil, with max. 2” lip in back (wicker bill) for stiffener.

Front wing optional. 20” x 30” maximum.

Wings must not be outside the width of the tires.

Wing sliders may be used!


• No cockpit adjustable shocks permitted.


• Nerf bars and bumpers required at all times. Must be securely bolted to the chassis, no quick pins, rivets, etc.


• Tail tanks will be required to have a bladder. • Plastic fuel tanks without bladder are permitted, but must be securely mounted within the frame rails and rear torsion tubes.


• Full containment/halo seats are recommended.

• 5 point harness with 3” lap and shoulder belts required. 2 years old maximum.

• Rear “A” must have cross member with-in 1” of shoulder belt opening in seat.


The Northern US Lightning Sprint Association is committed to providing its members with fair and affordable racing over the long term.

As a result we have established the following “Cheaters” Policy for the 2013 season and beyond:

First Offense:

1. $500 will go to the NULSA Points Fund.

2. Loss of all points for the event during which the infraction took place.

Second Offense:

1. $1000 will go to the NULSA Points Fund

2. Loss of all points for the entire year to date.

Third Offense:

1. $1500 will go to the NULSA points Fund.

2. Loss of points for season.

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